Improved Customer Service

A large distributor of hotel/airport gift shop items required instant access to real time data from the company accounting program to service the ever-growing volume of customer calls. The client was hampered by a poorly designed network, aging equipment and slow response time which fueled customer service frustration.

We worked with management to design uniform procedures and an efficient network that included a Windows server. We eliminated unnecessary protocols, upgraded the hubs to switches, gradually replaced old machines with new units with more advanced operating systems, upgraded internet access from dial-up to broadband, implemented power protection, data redundancy and disaster recovery.

Result: productivity increased, real-time data is accessed quickly, down times have been drastically reduced, and customer service moral is high.

Increased Productivity

A manufacturer of industrial dyes and colorants experiencing explosive growth through increased volume and acquisition, required expansion of its office space and a major computer system upgrade.

We worked with the company president to devise efficient and cost effective method to upgrade storage and processing capacity, integrate and consolidate heterogeneous computer systems, acquire high speed internet access, implement a higher level of security, provide for interoffice and internet email, public calendar, public address book, remote access, network accounting package, and manage new cable runs.

We managed all facets of the project life cycle, supervised cable pull and installation of patch panel, installed and configured a dual-processor real server with Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (SBS), including Exchange 2000, Active Directory, Internet Security & Acceleration Server, and network faxing, contracted for DSL access and integrated vendor hardware into local area network through router, installed high speed switches, moved network printing from workstation shares to dedicated print servers.

Also: migrated users from NetWare and Unix to SBS, instituted directory structure that mirrored the hardcopy file system, contained and eradicated a major virus outbreak by installing Norton AntiVirus Corporate and creating rigid email policies, configured Outlook 2003 to work with Exchange, installed and configured spyware detection and removal utilities, configured firewall, established data backup strategy, and trained employees to fully utilize new technology.

Result: employees are able to manage continued business growth and increase in data, interoffice communication became expeditious and predominately electronic. There are fewer data errors and greater consistency in company presentation. The sales force is more productive because of the remote access they have to their office files.

Strengthening Security

A startup managed service provider (MSP) delivering IT infrastructure/software development management services over a network to a growing clientele of commercial and government/defense organizations required a highly secure environment.

It would have to initiate scrambled connections to customer sites through the internet (VPNs), and haver the ability to rigorously control and enforce in-house data access. We worked with the IT management team to devise most efficient and secure network design with multi-layered defense and provide practical solutions for each requirement; installed and configured Cisco PIX 515 firewall, installed and configured Windows 2000 server as a router/VPN tunnel server/mail server on the DMZ edge, implemented a complex network address translation scheme, installed and configured the Windows server as a domain controller, configured Active Directory to mirror corporate security structure with layers of organizational units that contain corporate officers, engineers, customers and appropriate resources.

Also: implemented group policies to manage data and resource access, designed password enforcement and auditing policies to assure highest degree of security.

Result: the company is able to service increased client load efficiently and securely, including government agencies that require top secret clearance.